RCHS Class of 1961

RCHS Class of 1961

RCHS Class of 1961

RCHS Class of 1961




Clyde Allen


James Thomas Zenor


Eileen (Curtis) Broadhurst


Larry "Joe" Dean Monheim


Susan (Smith) Swanton


Patricia (Dull) Sime


Agnes (Gall) Jensen


Deanna (Wildberger) Fowler


Roger E. Lauer


Lunch at VFW


Mini Reunion


Sandy (Jensen) Wood


Donna Mae (Huebner) Storseth


Eleanora (Freeman) Diermier


Linda (Lobdell) Sikveland


James Gogolin


Henry J 'Sonny' Pesicka Jr.


Greenwich Village Society Award


Ron Pierce


John Karinen


Ray Johnson


David Steinberg


Dorothy (Thomas) Meline


Hurshell Ed Cordell JR


Nancy (Anderson) Toman


Sharon (Pouder) Gudde


Blair Gamble


Holly (Wyckoff) Paris


Gayle (Peck) Allan


James Lee Schlottman


Denny Madden


Kay and Joe


George Esades Funeral Photos


Denny Holm & Now Old/New Photo


George Esades


Dick Chambers


Karen & Tim


Lee Ona (Morgan) Lee


Hermosa Woman on Front Page


Hermosa Woman


Earl Recieves Award


Dale Howe


Charlene Mary (Thybo) Doolittle


Jay Gaudig


Duke Goodell Life Celebration


Ray Shellito


Roland Rosedahl


Hugh L. Martin


Jerolyn (Lampert) Ruth


Jim and Lin moving, kinda/sorta


Marsha (Fairchild) Sumpter flies the Badlands


Margaret A. Saxton


Susan Sturdevant and Robert VanCleve marry


We've been informed John Quinn died this morning January 14, 2013


Pam's Small Business in East Village


Judy (Anderson) Thompson' Anniversary


Martha 'Kim' (Lee) Scoggins


Godfrey Loudner


Gwen (Owen) Stone


Hazel Kellog nears 95


Arnold Leonard



Dick Reoh


Linda wins WILLA Award


University Alumni Magazine Features Linda Hasselstrom


Gary Brown WINS


Gary Brown claims to be 'seasoned', seeks city seat


Larry McDaniels died 18 Februrary, 2010


Information that Barry Sulgrove died in 2005 was sent to Toni


We have received word that Eugene (Suzy) Field died in June of 2009.


Raben on running


NAU president John Quinn survives one year


DeElda (Larsen) Kursave passes


President Tim Raben to run in Boston Marathon-----------------Post race conversation with Tim
Tim's times and final results posted here


John Quinn named director


Hazel Kellogg


State brings suit against Phil Lervaag


Sandria (Bren) Friske passes away


James (son of John) Samuelson


Lola Whitehead passes away


American Zenith


Duke Goodell Wins Lifetime Achievement Award


Toni's send off


Duke Goodell pays for his lunch


Toni is moving South


Darryl Dippert passes away


John Quinn in Vietnam


Chuck Tinant preservation effort


Jay and Ann Gaudig celebrate wedding


Jim Potts passes away


Treasurer's Report


Phyllis (Anderson) Stevens




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