RCHS Class of 1961

RCHS Class of 1961

RCHS Class of 1961

RCHS Class of 1961





Dennis Madden was called home the evening of January 23, 2016. During his 72
years of life, he kept life lively with his opinions, wit, and charm. He had no
problem saying what was on his mind, but undrneath it all, he had the biggest of
hearts, and was a true friend. All who knew Dennis are blessed to have had him in
their lives.

Dennis' final request was to be cremated, and his family take hime home to
"Ramsglen", in Ramona, where he could Rest in Peace. His wishes have been

Suggested donations in memory of Dennis:

A Donation of Time to visit shut - in's at a Nursing Home
Donation to a Diabets or Kidney Foundation of your choice.



Submitted by Mike and Jo Ann Ward

With permission of Kareen Madden

Areck Madden
January 25


We lost my Dad on Saturday evening. Dennis Madden, a good hearted ass kicker from the plains and
Black Hills of South Dakota.He is survived by Kareen Madden, his wife of 53 years, Barek
Madden, The #1 One Son, Areck Madden, the good looking one, and his 5 lovely and loving
grandchildren, Dionne,BJ, Jacq, Cole and Quinn.

Dennis met Kareen in a Snow White Drive-Inn, Rapid City's finest hamburger, ...and it must have
been love at first sight because we still think they are throwing some fuzzy math on us with their
anniversary date and my brothers birthday. The young couple had a dream of being in sunny
California so true to Dennis' character, he did it his way. He loaded up his pregnant wife, his
mom, there had to be a few farm animals just to make the story sound better and moved to the Bay Area.

Dennis was a well respected leader in the grocery business and that wit and determination led him
down his entrepreneurial path of dry cleaners in Newark and the custom furniture business
in San Diego that went global.

I lost the guy that taught me how to fish, hunt, ride motorcycles and coached me in baseball. He
had our back. ( Many of you know these stories) I lost that guy that would walk into my
backyard a verboastly ask "Where the hell is my steak?!" My world will be a much quieter place.
I hope that his new world is for him.

I love you Dad







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